Red River Valley

Where is it?

USA - Red RiversThe Red River Valley is the name for the plains that surround the northward flowing Red River. The river did not cut the very slight valley which was formed more likely by the movement and melting of an ancient glacier. The river flows between the states of North Dakota to its west and Minnesota to its east. The river, like the valley, moves north into Manitoba, Canada and after joining with the Assiniboine River at Winnipeg continues on north and feeds Lake Winnipeg. The valley has flooded often throughout history and the valley itself is known as a relatively fertile valley and has good soil for growing cold weather crops including potatoes. Other crops that are grown en mass include: sugar beats, soy beans, wheat and corn.

The river and valley themselves have a great history. The natural formations have scientists – geologists and paleontologists – coming out to study and research the river’s history. The river was used as a trading route for hunters and trappers and early French Canadian people groups.

The Red River of the North should not be mistaken for the Red River of the South which flows between the states of Oklahoma and Texas and then on to the south of Louisiana. The song that has immortalized the Red River Valley in the hearts and minds of music lovers refers to this Red River of the South. The cowboy song that has been adapted for several films and military circumstances has been adapted here for the sake of selling potatoes.

“Remember the Red River Valley and those french fries that you loved to chew.”

Enjoy Stevie Nicks singing the old familiar tune – “Red River Valley”